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Adam Thomas Journey


Adam Thomas has been working as an actor on British television for over 20 years. Adam Thomas got his big break playing Donte Charles on the BBC drama Waterloo Road from 2006 to 2009. Since then, he has starred as Adam Barton on Emmerdale and appeared on popular reality shows like I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! And Strictly Come Dancing. However, his most exciting role to date has been starring in the 2022 sci-fi film The Adam Project alongside Ryan Reynolds.

In this article, Adam will take you through his acting journey, from his early guest roles to landing his breakthrough part on Waterloo Road. I’ll discuss some of his other major television appearances over the years. Finally, I’ll provide an overview of Adam’s experience working on The Adam Project and acting alongside A-list movie stars. Please stick with me to learn all about his evolution from soap star to sci-fi action hero!

Getting Start

  1. He was born on August 11, 1988 in Salford, Greater Manchester, England. He is the twin brother of Love Island star Scott Thomas and the younger brother of Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas.
  2. Adam began his professional acting career in 2002 at age 14 with a guest role on the BBC daytime drama Doctors.
  3. Over the next few years, Adam focused on his studies and did not act again until 2006, when he landed his big break as Donte Charles on Waterloo Road.

Breakthrough Role on Waterloo Road

  1. Waterloo Road was a hugely popular BBC drama series set in a troubled comprehensive school.
  2. Adam Thomas was an original cast member when the show premiered in 2006, playing pupil Donte Charles.
  3. Some key things about his character Donte:
    1. He came from a troubled home and got involved with gangs and drugs.
    2. He had an on-again, off-again romance with fellow pupil Chlo Grainger. Their tumultuous relationship was a big storyline.
    3. Donte matured throughout the show, eventually marrying Chlo and becoming a teacher at Waterloo Road.
  4. Playing Donte from ages 18-21 was his big break as an actor. It introduced me to the public and gave me lots of great dramatic material to work with.
  5. Appearing on Waterloo Road from 2006-2009 opened up new opportunities for me, including guest roles on other shows.

Guest Starring on Other Series

  1. While still starring on Waterloo Road, Adam began getting offers to guest star on various television shows:
  2. Casualty (2008) – he appeared in this popular medical drama as a seriously injured boxer during a match.
  3. All-Star Family Fortunes (2009) – Adam Thamos was a contestant on this gameshow alongside Adam’s brother Ryan Thomas.
  4. Doctors (2007, 2009) – Adam Thomas guest starred twice on this show and gave me his start, playing different characters each time.
  5. These guest-starring roles gave me valuable experience working on other sets and playing different characters.

Becoming a Lead on Emmerdale

  1. In 2009, shortly after leaving Waterloo Road, he was cast as Adam Barton on the long-running soap opera Emmerdale.
  2. Adam Barton was introduced as the trouble-making son of John and Moira Barton. Some key storylines:
    1. He had various rebellious antics and legal troubles during his teen years.
    2. An on-again, off-again romance with Victoria Sugden.
    3. He accidentally killed his own mother in a car accident.
    4. His friendship and business partnership with Aaron Dingle.
  3. I stayed in Emmerdale for almost a decade, from 2009-2018. Adam became a central fixture in the village.
  4. Playing such a long-running character improved his acting range. Adam experienced tremendous growth and change over ten years.

Reality Television Appearances

Throughout his soap opera acting career, Adam Thomas participated in two major reality television shows:

Get Adam Thomas Out of Here

  1. This was an action-packed experience for me in 2016.
  2. he had to complete gut-wrenching bush tucker trials and bond with other celebrities in the Australian jungle.
  3. Adam Thomas lasted 24 days before getting eliminated, ultimately finishing in 3rd place.

Strictly Come Dancing

  1. In 2023, Adam Thomas competed in the popular dance competition Strictly Come Dancing.
  2. Learning intricate ballroom dance routines was an exciting challenge.
  3. His partner, Adam Thamos, was eliminated during week 9 in the quarter-finals.
  4. Competing under intense pressure on these reality shows strengthened his performance skills.

Starring in The Adam Project

After departing Emmerdale in 2018, he was eager to try new acting challenges beyond continuing soap opera roles. The chance to appear in a major Hollywood movie was a dream come true.

Overview of The Adam Project

  1. The Adam Project is a 2022 sci-fi comedy action film released by Netflix.
  2. It stars A-listers like Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and Zoe Saldana.
  3. The plot revolves around time travel and an epic quest to save the future. Reynolds plays Adam Reed, a time-traveling fighter pilot.

Adam Thomas’s Experience as Movie Co-Star

  1. Working with Hollywood’s top writers, directors, and actors was an incredible learning experience.
  2. The set, stunts, and special effects were on a larger scale than anything Adam Thomas had worked with before.
  3. Adam’s role was smaller than that of the main stars, but he relished the opportunity to absorb everything about the movie-making process.
  4. The pace was faster, the days longer, and the attention to detail so precise.
  5. This role represented a considerable step forward in his acting resume. It provided invaluable insight that will help me continue growing as a performer.

Hopes for the Future

  1. The Adam Project was his first major feature film, but he hoped it was not his last.
  2. I’m eager to pursue more film roles, particularly in action movies or sci-fi projects requiring much stunt work.
  3. Adam Thomas also wishes to try acting in the United States. The Adam Project convinced me he could hold his own alongside Hollywood A-listers.
  4. Ultimately, Adam wants to continue challenging himself and exploring diverse acting opportunities. Stepping into the movie world expanded his horizons beyond what he imagined possible as a teenager on Waterloo Road.


Adam Thamos’ acting career has been an incredible journey so far. Adam Thomas started as a guest actor, got his big break on Waterloo Road, transitioned into a soap opera lead, participated in reality TV, and eventually achieved his dream of co-starring in a significant movie. He was grateful for all the opportunities that had come his way. He was excited to see what new roles and projects awaited me. Adam is determined to keep developing his craft and reaching the next level. Whether on television or film, he hopes to entertain and inspire audiences for many years. The best is yet ahead!

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