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Equalizer 3 Review: Vigilante Justice Reimagined

In “Equalizer 3,” the most recent entry in the action-packed vigilante series, Denzel Washington makes a triumphant return to the big screen as Robert McCall. This Antoine Fuqua-directed movie once again takes viewers on a thrilling trip with dramatic action scenes and perplexing moral questions.

Background on “The Equalizer” (2014) and “The Equalizer 2” (2018)

The Equalizer (2014):The action-packed vigilante series “The Equalizer” was launched with the Antoine Fuqua-directed film.Robert McCall, a retired member of the black operations who utilizes his abilities to aid individuals in need, was portrayed by Denzel Washington. The film received plaudits for its compelling plot, exciting action scenes, and great performance by Denzel Washington.

The Equalizer 2 (2018): In the follow-up, “The Equalizer 2,” McCall’s quest for justice and the defense of the weak was resumed. The main focus of this episode was McCall’s devotion to his good friend Susan Plummer. The movie featured even more pulse-pounding action while exploring themes of retribution and redemption.

Both films demonstrated Denzel Washington’s skill as an action star and were well welcomed by the general public. The success of these first two motion pictures paved the way for the much anticipated “Equalizer 3,” in which McCall encounters fresh difficulties and foes while upholding his commitment to the cause of justice.

Plot and Storyline

Equalizer 3 Review

Robert McCall appears to be living a calm life in “Equalizer 3,” driving for Lyft and employing his special set of abilities to aid people in need. 

But as a close friend is viciously attacked, McCall is forced to deal with a violent criminal underworld and corruption.

The storyline of the movie moves along with precision, fusing exciting sequences with character growth. Fans of the series may recognize portions of the narrative, but it still manages to maintain a degree of excitement and unpredictability that keeps the viewer interested.

Denzel Washington’s Performance

Robert McCall is portrayed by Denzel Washington in a role that is nothing short of extraordinary. He conveys the complexities of the role with ease, switching between the composed, sympathetic Lyft driver and the relentless force for justice.

McCall becomes a compelling protagonist because of Washington’s charisma and acting talent, which give his character dimension.

Action Sequences

The series’ signature heart-pounding action sequences are featured often in “Equalizer 3”. The movie includes plenty of action, including close-quarters hand-to-hand fights and fast-paced automobile chases. 

These scenes highlight Antoine Fuqua’s direction and show off his prowess at building suspense and excitement.

Themes of Justice and Morality

The “Equalizer” series’ examination of moral conundrums and the idea of vigilante justice has proven to be one of its strongest points. This pattern is continued in “Equalizer 3,” which causes viewers to consider issues of right and wrong. Despite being motivated by a passion for justice, McCall frequently walks a thin line between acts of bravery and vigilantism.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of “Equalizer 3” puts on strong performances, with characters like Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) and Dave York (Pedro Pascal) standing out in particular scenes. They engage with McCall in ways that deepen the story and provide a distinctive on-screen dynamic.

Cast of “Equalizer 3”

  • Robert McCall is played by Denzel Washington. In this third chapter, McCall makes a triumphant return as the mysterious and extremely competent vigilante.
  • Melissa Leo returns to the screen as Susan Plummer, a significant character in the plot who was a close friend and former coworker of McCall.
  • Pedro Pascal plays the mysterious figure of Dave York, who becomes involved in McCall’s mission. Dave York is played by Pedro Pascal, who joins the cast.
  • Miles Whittaker, played by Ashton Sanders, is a young man whose life collides with McCall’s, creating a complicated mentor-student interaction.
  • Bill Pullman reprises his role as Brian Plummer, Susan’s husband and McCall’s dependable ally.
  • Sam Rubinstein, a figure from McCall’s past who has a significant part in the movie, is played by Orson Bean.
  • Andri is one of the adversaries in the narrative, and Jonathan Scarfe plays him.

Rating of Equalizer 3 is 4/5

As of my most recent information update in September 2021, “The Equalizer 3” had not yet been launched. Consequently, I am unable to rate or evaluate a film that has not yet had its debut.

After a movie has been released, reviewers and viewers often give it ratings and reviews. Once “The Equalizer 3” is made accessible to the general public, I suggest consulting credible movie review websites or sources like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, or Metacritic for the most recent scores and reviews.


Fans of the series may recognize parts of the formula that “Equalizer 3” follows, but it still succeeds in delivering the goods. 

This movie is a welcome addition to the franchise because of Denzel Washington’s outstanding acting, Antoine Fuqua’s directing, and the exciting action scenes. It expertly addresses moral and fair concepts while maintaining your attention.

“Equalizer 3” is recommended if you like thrillers with lots of action and a moral subplot. It serves as a reminder that sometimes justice requires assistance, even from a vigilante with a Lyft driver’s profile.

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