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Pre Stretched Braiding Hair

Pre Stretched Braiding Hair has been a staple protective style in the Black hair community for generations. However, the installation process can be tedious and time-consuming, depending on the type of hair used. This is where pre-stretched braiding hair comes in.

As braiding enthusiasts, pre-stretched hair is a game changer, saving tons of time while providing flawless results. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need about pre-stretched braiding hair.

What Exactly is Pre Stretched Braiding Hair?

Pre-stretched braiding hair refers to synthetic hair stretched and pre stretched braiding hair during production. This pre-stretching elongates the hair fibres and makes the hair smooth and tangle-free.

Here’s a quick rundown of what makes pre-stretched hair different:

  1. Texture: pre stretched braiding hair has a smooth, silky texture that glides easily during braiding. Regular braiding hair can be coarser and prone to tangling.
  2. Stretch: The pre-stretching process elongates the hair, allowing quicker and easier installation. Less manual stretching is required during braiding.
  3. Tangle-resistant: The pre-treatment makes pre-stretched hair slide easily through each other, minimizing knots and tangles. Regular hair often requires detangling before use.
  4. Hassle-free installation: Braiders can achieve clean, polished braids much faster thanks to the pre-stretching. Regular hair involves more work manipulating the hair during braiding.
  5. Maintenance: pre stretched braiding hair holds styles longer and requires less maintenance between appointments.

Why We Love Pre-Stretched Hair

After trying countless brands and styles of braiding hair, pre-stretched synthetic hair has won us over for several reasons:

Saves Time

The ease of installation with pre stretched braiding hair is a massive advantage. We can complete sew-ins and intricate styles much faster, allowing us to take on more clients and earn more. The pre-stretching eliminates the need to stretch each braid manually during the process.

Styles Better

pre stretched braiding hair’s smooth, consistent texture allows for neater braids that last longer. Regular hair can look frizzy and messy after installation since it isn’t uniformly stretched. Pre-stretched hair gives flawless results every time.

More Comfortable

Thanks to the soft, silky texture, pre stretched braiding hair is gentler on the scalp and more comfortable to wear. The strands easily glide through each other rather than rubbing against the scalp. Even after weeks of wear, pre-stretched braids remain soft and irritation-free.

Versatile Styling

From knotless braids to faux locs, pre stretched braiding hair works beautifully for any braided style we want to achieve. The smoothness makes styling easier across the board. We love having the freedom to experiment with different looks.

Less Maintenance

Pre-stretched hair retains its sleekness and lasts longer between appointments. It doesn’t frizz up or get tangled between styling sessions. This saves our clients time and money. Less maintenance is a win-win!

How to Shop for Pre-Stretched Hair

When browsing for pre-stretched braiding hair, keep the following factors in mind:


Stick to reputable brands that are known for quality pre-stretched hair. Some of our favourites include:

  1. X-Pression
  2. FreeTress
  3. Sensationnel
  4. Outre

Lesser-known brands can sometimes compromise on texture and stretch. Invest in hair from an established brand for best results.

Fiber Composition

100% modacrylic fibre hair works best for achieving a natural look while retaining the benefits of synthetic hair. Opt for modacrylic pre-stretched hair over regular plastic fibres.


Match the length to your client’s desired style. For long box braids or Senegalese twists, go for 18″ or longer. Short styles like pixie braids can be created with 6-12″ hair. Have a range of lengths on hand.


Aim for hair that feels smooth, bouncy, and not overly silky. Pre-stretched hair that is too synthetic and slippery won’t blend well with natural hair. Find the ideal balance of texture.

Colour Options

In addition to natural black, pre-stretched hair comes in endless colours, from bold hues to natural highlights. Explore different ombre, dip-dyed or solid colour packs.

Best Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Brands

Through extensive testing over the years, we’ve identified the top brands for pre-stretched braiding hair on the market:


Sensationnel’s pre-stretched braiding hair is consistently high quality. Their textures emulate relaxed African American hair for a seamless blend. The 100% modacrylic fibers prevent shedding. Their braiding hair comes in every style imaginable– from faux locs to passion twists to box braids.

Key features:

  1. Ultra-soft texture, even after prolonged use
  2. Vast range of textures and sizes
  3. Minimizes frizz and tangling
  4. Curl patterns match natural hair.


We love Outre for their easy-to-braid X-Pression pre-stretched hair. It has the perfect balance of sheen and softness. Outre uses quality fibres to minimize shedding. Their hair is lightweight and ideal for creating braided hairstyles that look and feel natural.

Key features:

  1. Glides smoothly during braiding
  2. Can re-use hair 2-3 times
  3. Vibrant colours stay true.
  4. Creates clean, polished braids


FreeTress offers exceptional bang for your buck. Their pre-stretched hair braids beautifully right out of the package with minimal prep needed. It doesn’t tangle excessively or irritate. FreeTress has affordable pricing without compromising on quality.

Key features:

  1. Budget-friendly pricing
  2. The soft texture, even after re-use
  3. Easy to section and grip during braiding
  4. Great for beginner braiders


As the originators of pre-stretched fiber hair, X-Pression has perfected the formula. Their hair textures mimic relaxed African hair and smoothly blend with natural hair. Braids done with X-Pression hair last longer and require less re-tightening between appointments.

Key features:

  1. Minimizes shedding
  2. Smooth, bouncy texture
  3. Easy grip texture for braiding
  4. Lightweight for all-day comfort


Shake-N-Go is the brand to choose for braiders on a budget. While inexpensive, their quality is maintained. Their pre-stretched hair braids up neatly and minimizes frizz. It’s easy to section and manage during installation. For cost-effective braiding hair, we recommend Shake-N-Go.

Key features:

  1. Budget-friendly pricing
  2. Reduced shedding
  3. Lightweight and comfortable
  4. Easy grip for braiding

Caring for Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair

To keep pre-stretched braids looking fresh, advise clients to:

  1. Use a soft-bristled brush to detangle and style braids as needed gently. Avoid excessive brushing.
  2. Sleep with a silk bonnet or pillowcase to minimize friction that can frizz the hair at the scalp.
  3. Avoid applying oil directly to the braiding hair strands, which causes build-up over time. Focus oils only on the natural hair and scalp.
  4. Use a dry shampoo or braid spray between washes to absorb oil and refresh the look of braids.
  5. When shampooing, use a sulfate-free formula and avoid scrubbing braids vigorously. Rinse cleanly.
  6. Protect braids from chlorine, salt water, excessive heat styling, and other damage.
  7. Get braids re-tightened every 4-6 weeks to maintain a neat appearance and minimize slippage.

Proper at-home care extends the life of braids and prevents the need for early removal.

Common Concerns About Pre-Stretched Hair

While we adore pre-stretched hair, we know some clients have reservations. Here are some common concerns:

Doesn’t it look fake?

When properly installed by a skilled braider, styles created with quality pre-stretched hair look incredibly natural. The key is choosing the right texture and blend for your hair. Modern synthetic fibres mirror relaxed African hair beautifully.

Isn’t it heavy?

Pre-stretched hair is lightweight compared to regular braiding hair. Opt for brands made with quality modacrylic fibres, which are lighter than plastic-based hair. Proper sizing and tension

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