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The Dreaming Boy is a realist manga


I recently read the Japanese manga series ‘The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist manga’ by Popuri Yoshikita Okemaru. In this article, I will examine this romantic comedy manga that revolves around two people struggling to convey their true feelings.

Overview of the Manga

  • ‘The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist’ is an ongoing manga series with 26 chapters as of December 2022.
  • It is published in Shogakukan’s Shojo manga magazine ‘Cheese!’
  • The story follows the main characters – Wataru Sajou and Aika Natsukawa.
  • It has a lighthearted romantic comedy theme with misunderstandings about each other’s feelings.

Main Characters of The Dreaming Boy is a realist manga

Wataru Sajou

  • The male protagonist of the story
  • A high school student
  • Deeply in love with Aika Natsukawa, his classmate
  • Dreams about their mutual love but keeps approaching Aika
  • Starts distancing himself suddenly, thinking he is not good enough for Aika

Aika Natsukawa

  • Female lead
  • A beautiful classmate of Wataru
  • Left confused by Wataru’s sudden change in behavior
  • Wonders if he now hates her
  • Fears she may have misunderstood his intentions

Story Overview and Plot

Wataru’s Unrequited Love

  • Wataru is deeply in love with Aika and dreams about their mutual love
  • He continues to approach her tirelessly without getting discouraged
  • Makes constant efforts to get closer to her

Change in Wataru’s Attitude

  • One day, Wataru has an epiphany that he is not good enough for Aika
  • He starts distancing himself from her suddenly
  • This leaves Aika completely confused by his changed demeanor

Aika’s Confusion

  • Aika is shocked by Wataru’s cold behavior and wonders if he hates her now
  • She starts thinking she may have misunderstood his intentions
  • Worries that his feelings may have slipped by her

Misunderstanding Brews

  • Aika arrives at the wrong conclusion about Wataru’s feelings
  • She gets impatient, thinking he has started disliking her
  • Their lack of communication leads to misunderstandings

Will Romance Blossom?

  • The manga follows their journey as the two try to convey their true feelings
  • Focuses on how misunderstandings can impact romance
  • Builds anticipation about whether the two will finally confess their love

My Analysis and Thoughts on Key Elements

Captivating Storyline

  • The manga has an exciting premise of unrequited love and misunderstandings
  • Wataru’s sudden change in behavior adds a twist
  • Aika’s confusion and impatience make the plot more compelling
  • The misinterpretation and anticipation keep readers hooked

Relatable Characters

  • Wataru’s shyness about confessing his love is relatable
  • Aika’s impatience and overthinking also feel very realistic
  • Readers can empathize with the characters’ struggles
  • Well-developed characters are vital to this manga’s charm

Lighthearted Tone

  • Despite the misunderstandings, the manga has a cheerful vibe
  • Moments of awkwardness between the characters add humor
  • The overall tone is optimistic about romance blossoming
  • Provides a feel-good and heartwarming reading experience

Slow Romantic Buildup

  • The manga takes its time in developing Wataru and Aika’s relationship
  • Their romantic progression happens slowly, with several setbacks
  • This slow buildup increases investment in the characters
  • Makes the anticipation of romance more satisfying

Vivid Art Style

  • The manga has a vivid and expressive art style
  • Does an excellent job of depicting the characters’ personalities
  • Facial expressions showcase emotions remarkably well
  • The art style enhances the lighthearted storytelling

Rating and Recommendation

  • Although not officially rated, the content is appropriate for young teens
  • Perfect for readers looking for light, romantic comedy manga
  • Also recommended for those who enjoy slice-of-life school stories
  • Slow-burn romance and charming misunderstandings make it a fun read


Overall, I found ‘The Dreaming Boy Is A Realist’ entertaining and binge-worthy manga. The unlikely premise, endearing characters, and misunderstandings that pave the path to romance make it a delightful read. I highly recommend this ongoing manga series to all fans of the romantic comedy genre looking for their next manga obsession. The engaging storytelling will have you eagerly anticipating the blossoming romance between Wataru and Aika.

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